David “No Retirement Tour For Me” Ortiz Starts His Retirement Tour

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Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed watching that whole thing. Hate watch to the max. Just an incredible video all the way through, made even better when I got to the end…



Just… wow

Not even a year ago we were reading Papi’s “no retirement tour for me” bullshit, listening to him not-so-subtely take shots at Jeter and Mariano.

And lo and behold, here we are. Retirement videos and Players Tribune columns already.

Papi didn’t want the attention of the retirement tour, yet here we are in fucking NOVEMBER printing “Big Papi Final Season” t-shirts less than 24 hours after his agent “accidentally leaked” the announcement. That’s just fantastic stuff. Everything you’d expect and more from the biggest hypocrite in all of sports. He’ll probably be sitting in the FOX booth next October, calling the standing ovation ARod gets in the World Series “a little much for a steroid user”. Enjoy that half assed applause all season David, I’m sure you’ll bitch to the media that it isn’t enough for you.


P.S.   Sweet Ride or Die shirt bro, steal from Dominic Toretto much?

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