Cris Carter Thinks Dabbing Is Called “Bapping”

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Bruh… yikes.

I have a serious question? is Cris Carter the only black person in America who doesn’t know it’s called Dabbing? Seriously? Even fucking Ben Carson probably knows how to Dab. Knowing the latest dance move is like rule #1 of being black. Shit, even the old white people writing racially charged Facebook posts about Cam Newton’s “leadership and integrity” at least know that it’s called Dabbing. I mean the entire country knows how to Dab at this point.

Except Cris Carter.

I don’t care if he’s 19, 49, or 99, he should know what dabbing is. He works in the NFL for christ’s sake. I mean he spends enough time around young kids to tell them to get a “fall man”. He should probably be able to pick up on the most popular move in the entire black community. I mean at the very least he shouldn’t be calling it “Bapping” and “Do a little C”.

C’MON CRIS. Figure it out man.

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