Yes, Of Course The Ronda Rousey Fight Was Fixed

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BR  —  Former WWE Superstar Taz is well-versed in the area of predetermined outcomes, and The Human Suplex Machine shared his belief Monday that both Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm are as well on the heels of their UFC 193 bout.  

Holm knocked out Rousey to win the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship this past weekend, but according to Bryan Altman of CBS Local Sports, Taz revealed on CBS Radio’s The Taz Show: Bodyslams and Beyond his feeling that Rousey’s defeat was a calculated move due to her upcoming hiatus:

Why are some people not seeing this? This has been done in the wrestling industry for years. A guy or girl is going to take a break or go away, or has an injury that they have to tend to, whatever the reasons are, and they’re a champion—you take the championship off of them. You do not want your champion sitting home or making a movie, ‘Roadhouse 2’ or whatever Rousey’s going to do, or just needs a personal break, which she’s earned. This girl’s earned it. But you don’t want that person sitting home for five, six, seven months with that championship. It’s bad for business! Take the belt off her!


Uhhhh… No shit guys. Of course this fight was fixed. You have your champion, you build her up, you have her lose, you make her the underdog, and you make a bazillion dollars off the rematch and eventual trilogy. Obviously that’s the right business decision. You think Dana White has built an entire multibillion dollar industry off of passing up those opportunities? Of course not. The dude knows how to make money. And the Rousey-Holm rematch will be the most watched fight in UFC history.

Would Holm win anyway even if the fight wasn’t fixed? I don’t know. I’m not allowed to speculate on UFC if I don’t own twelve TapOut shirts have a tattoo to show how hard I am. I don’t even drink energy drinks, and I’m sure as fuck not in fighting shape. So legally I can’t speculate on who might win a fight.

But I will say this: That fight was fixed as fuck. I watched that fight with my own two eyes, and without a shadow of a doubt, I know the fix was in. Can’t tell me otherwise.


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