SVP Explains How Stupid And Confusing The NFL’s Catch Rule Is

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Exactly what I said yesterday in my Odell Beckham catch/no catch rant. Again, I get that you can call it the “correct” call under the current rules. We’re past that. What SVP and I are both talking about is how absolutely preposterous the current rule actually is.

Here are my thoughts from yesterday, and below that is a link to watch SVP’s segment because the Kremlin ESPN won’t let me embed their video here.

From yesterday…


Let’s Talk About The Odell Beckham Catch/Non-Catch


The NFL is a joke. An absolute fucking joke. Just a circus of incompetence, corruption, and purposeful manipulation of rules by the league office this offseason to create more confusion, and therefore more controversy and more tweets/columns/blogs/TV segments about the NFL. Whatever gets people talking more about the league, right Roger?

Why simplify the rules and lay out clear, easily understood conditions to signify a catch when you can capitalize on all the media attention caused by ambiguous, circumstantial calls? You saw all the hoopla from the Dez decision. Why remove that, right? Why just get one hour of First Take/sports radio segments from a great play when you can get a whole week of segments from a controversial decision? That’s how the NFL operates right? Why do the right thing like handle Deflategate without bias or ban Greg Hardy for life when you can use those controversy to generate ratings? All about those profits, right Rog?

Goddammit this league drives me up a fucking wall. It’s un-fucking-believable that we’re here right now. That we can watch a play like this

where Golden Tate never has full control and gets the ball ripped out before his second foot is down and call that good.

Then watch Odell Beckham catch this football, get two feet down, and not call it a touchdown.


Un-FUCKING-believable that we’re at this point. THIS SHOULD BE A CATCH. It has been, and should always be a catch.

If you want to say that, by the book right now, this is not a touchdown, that’s fine. And give all the credit in the world to Butler for his effort there.

But to say that this rules makes ANY sense for the sake of a touchdown is fucking ludicrous. The rule says:

The NFL’s rules state that a player has to complete the catch through the moment he “becomes a runner,” which is defined as the moment “is capable of avoiding or warding off impending contact.” This wording is new this year, replacing the dreaded “football move” language that previously existed.

Fine. Totally acceptable in the middle of the field. But the endzone? That’s preposterous. In every other situation, when you are across the goal line, you are across the goal line. The second someone is across the goal line, the play is over. When a runner reaches out over the line, he’s in. That’s it. He doesn’t hold the ball across the line for a period of time that’s specified by the referee. When he’s in, he’s in. If a Quarterback reaches the ball across and has it punched out, it’s still a touchdown because he crossed the goal line. So when a receiver has complete possession of the ball in his hands, with two feet on the ground, in the endzone, that should immediately be a touchdown. 


The second that 2nd foot hits, it’s a touchdown. The same way that the second a runner reaches the ball across, it’s a touchdown. Why does the receiver need to “avoid or ward off contact” even when he clearly possesses a ball. Why does that only apply in that situation?

Why is it a touchdown when Cam Newton reaches the ball across for less than a second, then pulls it back or has it smacked out… but when Odell Beckham catches the ball, turns his body with one foot on the ground to avoid contact, and gets a second foot firmly on the ground before the ball is knocked loose, it doesn’t count? How is that congruent? Why is that the wording that’s been settled on? Why can’t the referees agree on exactly how to call it? And why the fuck is it applied on a case-by-case basis?

I’ll tell you why… because the NFL wants fucking controversy. That’s why. They want first take and sport talk radio and incredibly fucking eloquent blogs like this to talk about it until the next slate of games kicks off on Thursday.

There are plenty of reasons the Giants lost that game. This call was not it. If you want to tell me the refs correctly applied that (preposterous joke of a) rule, I’ll accept it. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t credit Butler again for that play.

But the fact that we are sitting here with no fucking clue what is and what isn’t a catch right now, when we know exactly what should be considered a catch, is everything that’s wrong with the NFL.


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