Ham’s Daily Porzingasm: “I Wanted To Be In New York Because I Love Pressure” – Kristaps

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Yahoo  —  Porzingis wouldn’t let the response cloud his moment because playing for the Knicks had been his “dream.” But Porzingis immediately came to recognize what it means to play in New York – a city that has devoured all-star studs, never-was duds and everything in between during a championship drought that dates to 1973. Porzingis was 3-years-old the last time the franchise reached the NBA Finals.

“The first day I got drafted, I felt the fans were really passionate about basketball and there was going to be a lot of pressure. I knew that, but I wanted to be in New York because I love pressure,” Porzingis told Yahoo Sports. “I knew we could do big things here in the future. If you can succeed in New York, you can succeed anywhere.”



Got a lot of negative feedback on my blog yesterday. It turns out that most people do not think that there are only four players in the world worth trading Kristaps Porzingis for. Personally I think that was a totally rational blog for me to write. If anything, I was generous to even include guys like Lebron, Durant, Wiggins, George, Towns, or Wall in the conversation. Let alone bums like CP3, Blake, or that mental midget Harden.

Where am I going to find a super-athletic 6’8″/6’9″ swingman? Well there’s four right there. Where am I going to find a super-athletic point guard? Every single year in the draft. Where am I going to find a talented scorer who doesn’t play defense? We already have one.

Where am I going to find a super-athletic 7’3″ big man with Hakeem’s post game, Dirk’s shot, Bill Russell’s defense, Bird’s awareness, and Duncan’s leadership?

Yeah. Exactly.

And where am I going to find a player who wanted to go into the toughest possible environment to succeed because he wants that pressure? Lebron sure as fuck ain’t going there. He’s out. And you know what, I don’t think Kawhi “I don’t talk to anyone” Leonard is either. So he’s out. And while we’re on the subject of high pressure situations, let’s just knock out Anthony “1-10” Davis and all those injuries his team can’t overcome. And Russell “I can’t even figure out how to play with KD yet” Westbrook can go to.

So that leaves Steph. That’s it. He’s the one. Steph Curry is now the only player in the league I would trade Kristaps Porzingis for. All 498 of the rest of you can fuck right off with your limited skill set and scared demeanor. I’ll stick with the 20 year old superstar with a limitless ceiling and the mental fortitude not just to play in New York, but to want all the pressure that comes with it.

And I have a feeling you all want him too.

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