I Would Not Trade Kristaps Porzingis For Anthony Davis

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Of course that was a clickbait headline.

I know that right now, as of this very moment, Anthony Davis is a significantly better basketball player. And I know that will remain the case for a while. And I know that if had to guess who will have a better NBA career, the answer is very clearly Anthony Davis. While Kristaps was completely unafraid of Davis yesterday and showed exactly why he has all the makings of a superstar franchise player, Davis still showed why he’s considered the “Next” best player in the world. I’ll take off my homer cap long enough to concede that. If you asked me to trade KP straight up for AD, I’m going to do it. I’ll cry and agonize over it and hate myself for trading my favorite athlete in the world right now. But you have to do that.

But how many other players can you say that about right now?

How many players would I trade Kristaps for, straight up, right this second? Remember, this is about the long term, not just this season. The clear answers are Davis, Steph, and Lebron. Probably Westbrook and Kawhi too. And maybe Towns, who right now looks like an absolute beast.

But who else?

Durant? You’d think it’s a yes, but he is 27 and I want nothing to do with his injuries. I might be the only one stupid enough to say that, but I believe it.

Wall? I love the guy, but super-athletic point guards are much easier to find than super-athletic 7’3″ guys.

Wiggins? Same idea as Wall just in shooting guard form.

George? Same idea as Wiggins and Wall, and the lingering effects of his injury still scare me going forward.

CP3? He’s 30 and has been to as many Conference Finals as Kristaps. Absolutely no.

Blake? Six years older, six inches smaller, lower ceiling, and can’t shoot three pointers. Another no.

Harden? Mental midget and a doormat defensively. He’s basically a pace-and-space version of Melo but softer and more hatable. Fuck and No.

DeMarcus? Way too risky. Butler? KP’s ceiling is higher. Lillard? Garbage defender. Aldridge? Already covered that. Drummond? Dwight 2.0 and also a mental midget.

Dead Ass, zero exaggeration, there’s five players I would trade Kristaps for and that’s it. AD, Steph, Kawhi, Lebron, Westbrook. That’s it. Towns could be there too but I’ll wait on that. Everyone else? Hanging up the phone. And you know what? I’d probably even take the next 18 years of Kristaps over the next 6 years of Lebron. Fuck Lebron, he’s out.

Is Kristaps the fifth best player in the league right now? Of course not. But there aren’t five players I’d trade him for right now. And even if that statement is wildly homerish and outlandish and dangerously optimistic, I wouldn’t trade that feeling for the world.


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