Pacers Fans Chant “Derek Fisher” At Matt Barnes

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You want some real proof that Matt Barnes is a fake tough guy? Look at Derek Fisher’s face. Did he have a single scratch from Matt Barnes supposedly “kicking the shit” out of him? Of course he didn’t. Matt Barnes probably tried to slap box him until his teammates could hold him back. Except when DeAndre and Blake weren’t there to grab him, he slowly backed off like Joey Crawford was gonna be there to T him up. I hope every crowd chants at him this season until he completely snaps and climbs 95 rows up to the upper deck to pull his “HOLD ME BACK” routine. Fuck you Matt Barnes.

P.S.   Speaking of NBA troll jobs, I can’t get enough of the dude who just screamed at Mike Scott on the out of bounds play like he was a Sophomore at Duke. I think we’ve reached a point where NBA crowds are back to being a little too comfortable shitting on the players again. Don’t be shocked if we see The Artest Melee 2.0 this season. Do we call this one The World Peace Melee this time?

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