Kristaps Porzingis Put Paul Millsap In The Spin Cycle, And Some More Knicks Thoughts

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Attention, attention. Clean up on aisle Ham’s Pants. That’s aisle Ham’s Pants. Can we get a mop down here please? Again, clean up on aisle Ham’s Pants.

Quick note on Kristaps, Jerian, and the lineup usage: 

Couldn’t be happier with these first two games from KP. Sure he needs to add weight, we all get that. Doesn’t need to be said every five minutes. What’s more important is that he’s tough. He might be physically overmatched by any and every big man who’s checked him, but he hasn’t backed down once. He goes in there and fights with them, even if he’s getting bodied. The physical strength will come with time, but you can’t teach that kind of inherent toughness. He takes it to the hole hard, and even though he can’t really finish in traffic yet, he’s going to end up taking 8+ free throws a game because of his aggressiveness.

Defensively he still bites a little too much and doesn’t use his length as well as he can, but he definitely has the instincts and potential on that end. And his freakish athleticism and handles for a 7’3″ big man make him great in transition.

I’d like to see him play more with that second unit, especially with Jerian. He’s been much more comfortable coming back in the game at the end of the second and fourth quarter, and I wouldn’t hate seeing him come off the bench more. As much as I love the matchup problems that the Melo-KP-Lopez frontline creates, it might not be a bad idea to move him to the second unit once Afflalo comes back so that he can get out and run more. I think a Grant-Galloway-Williams-Porzingis-O’Quinn unit, or even Grant-Galloway-Early-Williams-Porzingis, would be awesome and create a ton of matchup problems.

I could go on and on about how bad Fisher has been with these lineups, and how the Calderon-Vujacic backcourt is the worst backcourt in NBA history, and how Cleanthony Early should be getting Lance Thomas’ minutes, and how Grant and Galloway should both be getting 32 minutes a game minimum, and how one of those two (preferably Grant if Porzingis is in) needs to be starting by next week, and how Melo needs to play wayyyyy more mintutes at the 4, and holy shit I’m just going to stop now because I’m going to lose my mind.

As for Jerian, I really like what I’ve seen. He’s obviously been hesitant to shoot, but that’s not the worst thing in the world for a young PG. He’s been aggressive getting into the paint, but the next step is to turn those drives into buckets and foul shots instead of constantly kicking it out. He has great vision, great athleticism, and can score at the hoop when he does take in all the way. Love his ability to hang at the rim and get a shot up. Like I said, he should take over the point guard spot soon. And by soon I mean he should be starting next game. Get Calderon the fuck off the court.

P.S.   I scheduled this to go out at 9am and it never went up. Didn’t notice until now. Good job good effort Ham.

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