Introducing The Whitest Costume Of 2015… The CVS Receipt

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What’s whiter, people who complain about how big their CVS receipt is, or me complaining about people who complain about how big their CVS receipt is?

Seriously though, people lose their shit because they got a piece of paper back that was a little longer than they expected. It’s not even about “first world problems” or “white people problems” or anything like that. I just don’t want to hear you complain about a piece of paper that you can just say no to. Just don’t take the receipt. The 19 year old who hates their life behind the counter didn’t staple the thing to your forehead. And who takes receipts anyway? If you’re not a suburban mom why would you take your receipt? And even if you take it, just fold it up and throw it out? Was it that hard?

So yeah this is a clever costume. Props to this guy for that. But he’s also that dickhead in a turtleneck who complaints about the receipt being too heavy instead of just saying “no thanks” and going on with your day.

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