Gregg Popovich Is The New Coach Of USA Basketball #PrayForTheWorld

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Great, great, great news not just for USAB, but for the entire basketball community. Because the most important thing here is what kind of impact this has on the league.

The past few years with Coach K has shown us the impact a camp with USAB has on some of the rising stars in the league. You see guys come back from these summers with Team USA and elevate their game to new height. And while the results of practicing with the best players in the world and the increase in confidence are great, the most important part of a player’s involvement in Team USA is the way these players learn to play in a new scheme and take that back to their respective teams. Think of how these players will develop their game playing in the Pop scheme. They’ll go back to their respective teams with a new understanding of spacing and ball movement and how that benefits the them, and that knowledge will permeate that whole team. As much as Pop’s influences the NBA today, it’s direct impact on the superstars of the game through USAB will change the entire shape of the league. More Spursball for everyone, and that’s a beautiful thing.

P.S.   I can’t wait until everyone except the Knicks is playing Spursball in 2017 because Phil and Fisher still want to run the triangle and Melo still wants to do isoball. Good times.

P.P.S.   Just kidding, Fish will have been fired, Melo will have been traded, and Latvian Larry Legend Kristaps Porzingis will have us in the Finals for a second straight year.

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