Young Kristaps Porzingis With The Allen Iverson Cornrows Is A Sight To See #PrayForTheNBA

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kp_cornrows1 kp_cornrows2


If you’ve even had a shred of doubt that Kristaps Porzingis is the Latvian Larry Legend, I think this puts those fears to rest once and for all. You don’t rock the AI rows for THREE YEARS as a kid unless you’re destined for NBA greatness. That’s a fact. The balls it takes to pull off this look as a kid at that age in Latvia are the same kind of balls it takes to step up and drain the series winning shot of the 2016 Eastern Conference Finals right in Lebron’s eyeball. I mean he might literally be the first person in the history of that country to ever rock cornrows, and he pulled those things off like a young Latrell Spreewell.

Now look, I get it if you don’t want to accept that Kristaps is the real deal. I mean, the fact that he’s already starting basically says it all. But I totally get it if you want to keep your head in your ass and keep hating on KP. Totally get it.

But you can’t deny that this is proof that KP isn’t some typical skinny Euro. We’re not talking about a Tony Kukoc wannabe who’s gonna get pushed around the trapezoid. We’re talking about a hard dude forged on the concrete courts of Hampton, Virginia Liepāja, Latvia who’s gonna cross you up and take it right into the tallest guy in the paint. KP wasn’t watching Arvydas Sabonis instructional videos working on his fundamentals. He was online watching the A.I.-Jadakiss commercial working on that around-the-body dribble that every kid who ever played basketball tried to do.

And guess what… KP had that shit mastered on the first try. That’s just what basketball prodigies do.

P.S.   Coincidence?


P.P.P.S.   This video with his old coach is absolutely worth the watch.

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