The Breaking Bad – Pulp Fiction Visual Parallels Will Blow Your Mind

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Not much to say here, just a really cool video for any fans of Breaking Bad, Tarantino, both of them, or even neither. Tarantino is known for his homages to old fils through visual parallels throughout his movies, so it’s pretty cool to the see that the best show/movie/whatever that anyone has made this decade took a lot of it’s cues from him. Plenty of people can and will dispute it, but you could absolutely argue that Pulp Fiction and Breaking Bad are the most influential works of film of their respective eras, with the Sopranos & The Wire representing the period between the two. That’s what I think at least, but I’ll leave the actual arguments on that to the Alan Sepinwall’s and Wesley Morris’s of the world.

For now I’ll just enjoy the shit out of this video. Because even if you aren’t a fan of either, you can’t deny how cool that was.

via Esquire

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