Merril Hoge Going Bulge Out For The Boys To Let Us All Know His Heart Surgery Went Well

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Hey Merril sweet cock dude. Oh and also congrats on the successful Heart surgery, that too. I don’t really see how this message couldn’t be accomplished with a pair of shorts on or even just a normal picture of you in a full suit with that Triple Windsor tied tight, but if you want to show the world that Factor Cock than have at it.

Line that Factor Cock up in a Power I Formation, get a SEAL HERE and a SEAL HERE to open up a nice little hole, and let that Factor Cock break off a nice run. Touchdown. Merril Hoge has one of the most dynamic Factor Cocks in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.

P.S.   #NeverForget that one time Merril Hoge responded to a fan complaining about the term “Factorback” by making a thousand grammar errors and signing it Merril (Factorback)

P.P.S.   You guys remember the Cold Water Challenge? Huge thing last summer. Raised a lot of money. Cold Water Challenge.

(I don’t know why I got such a kick out of Merril calling it the Cold Water Challenge but I did. Factorback.)

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