Daniel Fells Returns Home After Nearly Losing His Foot To Staph Infection

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NFL.com  —  Daniel Fells is going home. The Giants tight end, who has been battling an aggressive MRSA infection, was released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon, NFL Media’s Kimberly Jones reported. Fells had been undergoing treatment there for three weeks and was facing a potential foot amputation.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Monday that, following seven surgeries, Fells’ prognosis had turned optimistic and that amputation was deemed unnecessary. Rapoport added that Fells is expected to have at least two more surgeries to ensure the infected area is clean, properly medicated and washed out.

Fells remains on season-ending injured reserve — he is unlikely to ever return to the field with his foot forever damaged — but it’s an encouraging sign that he is healthy enough to head home and rehab comfortably without threat of further injury.

Good news and a great moment here for a guy who caught one of the worst breaks in medical history. He went from a seemingly harmless Cortizone shot to potentially losing his foot to a staph infection. Like, his WHOLE foot. Frightening stuff.

While he apparently did lose small parts of the foot and will probably never play football again, it could have been much worse. The difference between having a wounded foot and having no foot is pretty damn big.

Going forward there’s no way to know what will happen. For now I’m just happy to see him finally get home to his family. You could literally see the joy and relief on his face the second he saw his daughter.


Great stuff. Best of luck to the dude going forward.

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