Clemson Brings Pep Rally To The Home Of A Fan And His Terminally Ill Daughter Who Couldn’t Attend The Game

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Alright this one might make you tear up a bit. Jonathan Bolt is the father of Addie Grace, who is a terminally-ill nine-month-old diagnosed with Krabbe disease, which affects the nervous system and body movement. Jonathan wanted to take his daughter to see one Clemson game before she passed away, according to WYFF News. However, Addie Grace was too sick to attend the game they planned on. When the Tigers heard about this, they did the next best thing. Clemson sent its band, cheerleaders and some fans to the Bolt’s home.

Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney dedicated a football to be sent to the family in a very nice gesture.

The show of support from Clemson and its fans was really incredible. 

I’m not a huge school pride guy. I’ll obviously wear my heart on my sleeve for Football, but outside of that, I’m not gonna go crazy wearing Clemson shirts or posting stories about the work the school has done or caring at all about academics or donating what little money I have to the school. I think people take a little too much pride in where they went to school, and outside of watching the Tigers play football on Saturdays or the occasional nights I watch our basketball team lose another ACC game in the final two minutes, I don’t think too much about where I went to school.

But holy shit if I’m not proud to be a Clemson Tiger right now. I’m sitting here crying like a little baby off a 30 second video. Just absolutely tragic to see a family go through something like this, but incredible to know that my school could do enough just to give this guy and his family an experience even more memorable than seeing a game in Death Valley. It’s one thing to say you have a school that gives you a venue like Death Valley to bring your daughter. It’s a whole other thing to say that school brought Death Valley to you when your daughter couldn’t go. Awesome job by Clemson and the entire football program here. I’m gonna go shower away the tears and put on all orange for the rest of the day. 1-2-3-4.

P.S.   I didn’t want to make this about football because this is some real life, very tragic stuff that this family is going through. But I don’t know how you can see this (and the dozens of other stories that touch on a lighter note) and want to play for anyone other than Dabo and the Clemson football program. Best in the country and it’s not even close.

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