Obama Kept It So Real When He Got Asked About The Debate

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FILE - In this file photo taken Friday, Sept. 27, 2013, President Barack Obama gestures while making a statement regarding the budget fight in Congress and foreign policy challenges, in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House in Washington. As Iran's diplomatic profile rises with attempts to recalibrate its dealings with Washington, the Gulf rulers will have to make adjustments, too, and that's not such an easy thing for the monarchs and sheiks to swallow. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File)

Gotta love Barry O here. Dude just gives zero fucks at this point. Was I watching that fake debate with a bunch of fake people who I hate making fake promises and looking like fake idiots the whole time? Nah fam. You think I’m gonna miss Mets-Dodgers to watch Hillary talk about her emails? Shit, I didn’t even watch it during the commercial break. That Arkansas State-South Alabama game was lit. 

I can’t wait for post-Presidency Obama. While other ex-Presidents are bopping around corporations giving speeches for all the special interest groups they catered too, Barry’s gonna be courtside at Bulls-Cavs dapping up J.R. Smith, making cameos on Empire and shit. What the fuck does he care anymore? If you just ended an eight year run in the most stressful middle management position in the world, would you keep doing shit that reminds you of that? Would you remain around the same people you’ve been working with? Of course not. The second I stepped out of office I’d step right into a velour sweatsuit and smoke blunts in Hawaii for like a year straight. Don’t talk to me unless the world is ending. And in that case just give me enough time to roll up one more. What do I care that Hillary is going back on every promise or none of Bernie’s plans are actually working or Trump has set the world on fire? I’m done with that shit. Pass me the Illmatic CD then get the fuck out of my office.

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