Frank Isola Told A Pretty Cool Story About Meeting 13-Year-Old Stephon Marbury

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Hey Frank, great story. I mean seriously that is an awesome story. Gives you an idea of what Steph’s life was like that he could wander up to MSG from deep Brooklyn with no real means of getting home, sneak into the Knicks locker, and then just some slicked-back beat reporter to get him back to Coney Island. That’s some real life early 90’s NYC shit right there. No wonder he’s trying to sling Starbury’s for just $15 a pop. Dude lived that life to the fullest. And to have that all come full circle when Steph came to the Knicks and said “ask Frank Isola” must have been a truly awesome moment for Frank.

But what the fuck is with trying to drop a 13-year-old Steph at the Brooklyn Bridge at like 1am dude? You spend like five hours with this kid at the Garden, are clearly the only person taking care of him at this point, have gone out of your way to drive him to home, and you can’t just take the extra half hour to make sure he get’s to Coney Island? What the fuck is that? It’s 1am on Valentines day and you were just gonna toss this little kid in a NYC cab like “ahh, he’ll be fine.” The kid just snuck into the MSG lockerroom and asked you for a ride back to coney island, you think nothing about that cab ride is gonna go wrong? Jesus Christ, Frank, have a heart.

P.S.   “Don’t stop at any lights” is A+ stuff from young Steph.

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