Dabo Was FIRED UP About People Using The Term “Clemsoning”

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I can’t get enough of this. I’ve watched it like fifteen times since Saturday. Fucking Dabo man, he just brings it unlike anyone else. I mean you just can’t buy that type of moxy. That shit was from the heart.

Honestly who wouldn’t want to play for Dabo? I mean really, why would you play for any other coach in the country besides Dabo? Find me one flaw in going to play for Clemson right now. Guaranteed double digit wins and playoff contention. Guaranteed national TV games twice per season. Guaranteed NFL scouting exposure. The best facilities, the best uniforms, and the best stadium in the country. A post-game lockerroom environment like no other, and a coach who will fucking die for you.

The only argument you could ever make was a fear of “Clemsoning.” And the key word there is was.

Because make no mistake about it, “Clemsoning” is done. That term can be dead any buried. If 33 straight wins against unranked opponents didn’t… if victories over every USC, Georgia, Auburn, Ga Tech, and every rival program outside of FSU didn’t… if consecutive Bowl victories over LSU, Ohio State, and Oklahoma didn’t… if taking on top-tier non-conference opponents year after year didn’t… if having the Guts to beat a Playoff-level Notre Dame team didn’t… this did.

And sure, the media can continue to bring it up all they want. I actually kind of like that they do. Go ahead, have a field day with it guys. Just know that with each passing week you look dumber. Because this press conference put the term to rest once and for all. Nobody inside of the Clemson Football program even considers “Clemsoning” a word anymore. It’s dead and buried, and Dabo just tossed on the final shovel-full of dirt.

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