Awesome Video Of A Lady Going Crazy And Doing Donuts In An Intersection

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Oh sorry did I say awesome video? My bad. I meant potentially awesome video that was ruined by some inconsiderate cameraman who forgot how to do his job. I mean hold shit camera guy, are you filming or what? If you’re going to commit to holding the camera for this event, then I need to see the WHOLE event. I was screaming at my computer because while the tires are burning and this guy is narrating, I’m just looking at grass. Sure the parts he did catch were great, but he missed the entire car flip. HOW DO YOU MISS THE CAR FLIP? Did you forget you were filming? Did you not want to catch the moment on camera? I mean what gives, guy? Show a little fucking fortitude and keep the camera up for me one time. Two days ago I had a dude two feet away from a Moose Fight who kept a steady hand, yet you’re here dropping the camera like you’re falling asleep with the clicker in your hand. Get it together man. We want to see that shit too.

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