Was Sean Rodriguez Punching A Gatorade Cooler The Most Pathetic Thing In Baseball History?

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“What’s up cooler? You wanna go bruh? YOU WANNA FUCKING GO? LET’S FUCKING GO THEN?”

That had to be the saddest, most pathetic response to a brawl I’ve ever seen. I mean you can’t be a bigger loser than Sean Rodriguez. Guy comes out there running the biggest “hold me back” tough guy routine this side of Matt Barnes as if the whole Cubs team just fucked his mom, throws one of the cheapest, softest punches you’ll ever see into a crowd of players, then gets “held back” by his teammates while throwing empty death threats to a guy in Jake Arrieta who just bent the entire city of Pittsburgh over and made them his bitch. That whole routine in itself would be pathetic enough, but then the magic happens. Little S-Rod decided to go Floyd Mayweather stick and move on a woman an opponent a gatorade cooler to take out his frustration. I mean that was something else. S-Rod and the Pirates were so mentally manhandled by Jake Arrieta that the only thing they could do was to beam him, brawl, and swing at a water cooler like Rocky in the meat freezer. Just flat out pathetic stuff.

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