Kid Takes A Mirror Selfie To Let Everyone Know He Got A Selfie Stick

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“Hey guys check out my new selfie stick”

I kind of love this kids style. One step forward, three steps back. This is like delivering a hand written letter about Gmail or jerking off to a digital Playboy issue on your iPad. Sure it might be much easier to utilize what’s right at our fingertips, but let’s not forget the originals. As we acclimate ourselves to selfie sticks, like we acclimated ourselves to email and internet porn, let’s not forget the oldies. Let’s not forget the original technology that set the bar for the luxuries of life we enjoy today. Well done kid, and also maybe after this selfie you could re-paint your bathroom wall. Puke green isn’t a great look.

P.S.   Love the idea of this kid thinking “Well if I take a selfie with the selfie stick how are people gonna see the selfie stick?… Wait, I’VE GOT IT!” 

via Reddit

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