How About The Crybaby Buffalo Bills Whining That Odell Beckham Punched Them?

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Hilarious stuff out of Buffalo. Big bad Rex and the mighty Bills defense whining like a bunch of babies because Odell Beckham threw one punch as retaliation for a cheap shot. Making up stories about phantom punches and calling Odell a “prima donna” because they’re so butthurt about their loss two days ago.

Look, first of all, no shit Odell is a Prima Donna. If you do some amazing shit in sports and have one ounce of charisma in your personality, you’re going to become a superduperstar in 2015. And guess what every superduperstar is… a Prima Donna. Odell has had the best first sixteen games in NFL history, and came into the league with a level of comfortability with the media and charisma with the fans that made him an easy choice to become a face of the NFL. He’s taken advantage of all the non-football perks that come with superstardom the same way that anyone else in his position, with that personality, would. And yes he’s entitled, just like every superstar receiver is too. He’s no different than Dez Bryant or Julian Edelman, who display the same level of cockiness and entitlement and get viewed in very different ways for pretty obvious reasons. He’s cocky and entitled and clearly a Prima Donna because in sixteen career games he’s set the league on fire. Why would he act any different if this Prima Attitude has 1. gotten in the heads of every defensive back he’s ever played, and 2. worked for EVERY. GREAT. WIDE. RECEIVER. EVER. This is just what the best wide receivers are, and until whiny little d-backs like these Bills players aren’t mental midgets about a little shit talk from a prima donna, that prima donna attitude is going to live on with every great receiver ever.

As for the “punches”, let’s go to the tape.

“Punch One”

Odell Beckham shove against Bills

(gifs via @mshamburger)

This isn’t even a punch, so these guys are already liars. Eli fell on the fumbled snap and was very clearly down. One Bills defender (Kyle Williams) pushed an injured Ereck Flowers into a clearly-down Eli, while another (Jerry Hughes) either fell or dove into Eli on the ground a good two seconds after the whistle. Odell came in and shoved Hughes off him, a pretty normal response for someone who just watched a player dive onto his quarterback two seconds after the play. If you can find the alleged punch thrown at #55 Preston Brown (who shoved Odell at the end) in the video I’d love to see it.

This is clearly nothing. Preston Brown is a liar.

“Punch Two”

Odell Beckham shove against Bills

Was that a cheap little punch by Odell? Of course it was. I hate that shit too. But the fact that Duke Williams is out here two days later whining about it is laugh out loud funny. First of all Duke, let’s stop pretending like you didn’t run helmet-first into Odell’s helmet from the side with the intent of hurting him. If you’re going to sit here and tell me you weren’t trying to dole out a little CTE to the guy who’s been living in your brain all game long then you’re just a stone cold liar. I’m not defending the punch and I still think it was stupid and cheap of Odell, but when someone clearly comes at you with the intent to fuck your head up, there’s a reason you get up swinging. So let’s not treat Duke Williams like a fucking victim here.

And second of all Duke, you lost. You came in thinking you and your defense were the cock of the walk, then got your lunch handed to you by a depleted Giants receiving corps. Odell Beckham and his “Prima Donna attitude” took so much of your attention that you let Dwayne fucking Harris score a touchdown. That’s pathetic. Almost as pathetic as coming out two days later whining about one retaliation swing. Was it cheap and stupid? Yes. But when you’re throwing helmet to helmet hits and racking up twenty penalties a game, there’s not really much ground to stand on. The game is over. You lost. Move on to the rest of your schedule and figure out a way to not let every trash-talking receiver control your brain.

P.S.   While we’re on New York Giants Receivers, the Victor Cruz text is the fakest thing in the world. And even if it was real, it’s a complete non-story. Athlete has side chicks. Wife/girlfriend is jealous. Ultimately doesn’t matter, since wife/girlfriend is probably in it for the money anyway and won’t leave someone with an eight figure contract. Wife/girlfriend makes sad, unsubstantial threats to side chicks. Wife/girlfriend releases that to TMZ in an attempt to get asked to be on a Football/Basketball/Whatever Wives Show. World keeps spinning.

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