BYOG, Dabo’s Whip Dance, Face-Breaking Front Flips, and Clemson’s Program-Defining Win Over Notre Dame

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Tiger Football got the kids coming out they shoes out here! Tailgate was fucking LIT. Kids out here losing brain cells left and right. Whether you were drinking Jet Fuels until your eyes were orange or flipping your way into a broken face on the pavement of Friar’s (it will always be Friar’s), that Clemson crowd entered Death Valley with the brain capacity of an infant. Just a bunch of half blacked-out/half concussed maniac idiots packed into the hurricane-soaked bleachers of Death Valley, bringing the fucking NOISE from the moment Dabo touched The Rock until well after he coined the phrase BYOG and Whipped It to Jumpman.

Everyone from Deshaun to Artavis to Wayne to Shaq to B.J. to Ben to Jayron to Mackensie to this face-broken break-dancer and the rest of the Tiger crowd brought their own guts, and I loved every second of it.

I was resigned to watching the game on my phone during my buddy’s wedding this weekend, so I just sat down to re-watch the whole thing this morning.

And let me tell you something, that was fucking awesome.

You want to talk about program-defining wins… THAT was a program-defining win. Two years ago we give that game up. We allow them to score not just on that last drive, but on the drive before that. Previous teams don’t force those turnovers that we did. Previous teams fall apart on that Deshaun interception. Previous teams don’t keep their composure on the final two point attempt.

Not this team.

This is not the borderline top ten Clemson Tiger teams of the last five years. This is a top five program. This is a College Football Playoff team. This is a team that can win the title. And while we still have a few very tricky games ahead, including a very important potential letdown game against Georgia Tech and that triple option this weekend, I feel very, very, very good about where this team is at.

4 and 0. No let up against GT this week. Whip it for me Dabo…

Thanks @mcfly_chirpyerp for the Face Plant

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