6-Year-Old With Massive Elf Ears Gets Surgery To Fix Them Because He Was Getting Bullied

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NY Daily News  —  A 6-year-old Utah boy underwent cosmetic surgery after his parents learned the child was bullied for his looks. The first-grader, Gage Berger, went under the knife for his protruding ears after enduring repeated abuse from his Salt Lake City classmates — who often called him “elf ears,” his parents, Tim and Kallie, said. “I just don’t want to be made fun of,” the little boy told Inside Edition. His parents feared the torture would cause permanent damage because of his young age — so they decided the best thing for him would be the nip and tuck.

First of all, WHOA. Not to pile on little Legolas here, but those are some absolute wings. He looks like Dumbo had a kid with Julian from Big Daddy. Yikes. I mean I know you want to be a dentist Hermey, but you make toys. Now get to work.

Now jokes aside, there’s two right ways to handle this and one wrong way. And they picked the wrong way. Look, ears like that don’t just grow overnight. He had to come out of the womb with those things flapping. You have to make the choice then. If you’re his parents, you have to either get this surgery done before he’s old enough to get fun of, or teach him how to handle it. Those are the only options. You can’t let him go this far in life and then do the surgery. You just can’t.

If you don’t want your kid going through life getting called Buddy The Elf, fix it before he knows why you’re fixing it. Give him some normal ears, and if he sees some baby pictures and asks why he used to look like the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter, just tell him it was a health risk or something. Under no circumstances can he know that his ears were fixed because kids made fun of him.

You know why? Because that will make him soft. That will make your kid think that all his problems in life can be fixed with a little snippety snip and some cash. Get too fat? Lipo. Bad grades? Pay the teacher. Suck at sports? Everyone gets a trophy. It’s bullshit. And now every time something goes wrong for this kid he’ll just expect to push a button an make it all go away.

Can’t have that. If he gets to the age that he’s getting bullied, you gotta teach this kid to take his lumps. Sorry Buddy, but you get dealt a bad hand. You’ve got some big ass ears, and every time a kid comes into school with Fudge Stripes, he’s going to thank you for making them in that old-fashioned elfin way in your magic oven in the Hollow Tree. Thems the breaks kid. Just learn to embrace it. Laugh it off and come right back at little Tommy for his receding hairline or Jack for his butt chin. That’s what real friendships are made of. America was built on taking a punch and giving one back, not whining to your parents that Danny asked you how Rudolph was doing.

But that’s the path these stupid parents took. They gave in, and now this kid is doomed.

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