This Video Of A Tennis Racket Cutting Jello In Slow-Mo Is Oddly Mesmerizing

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I really expected nothing from that video. But you know what, I was strangely mesmerized. This might sound weird, but I’m fascinated by shit getting cut up like that. One part of it is that I like to visualize pieces of a whole and how they both form together and come apart. I love that stuff. Of all the ways I relate to George Costanza, the foremost might be that I want to be an architect. I love the spacial awareness aspect of things building up and breaking apart like that. I’m convinced that if I tried harder in school I could have been an awesome architect instead of just an awesome journalist writer blogger person who writes things on the internet. I don’t know how I just related architecture to Jello separating in slow motion, but I think it works.

Which brings me to the other part of it: I’m an idiot. I just kind of like to see shit blow up like that too. Shit just flying everywhere. It was awesome. And if you’re too intellectual and high brow to watch some Jello get ripped apart, well you can just get your smart ass right out of my face.

I don’t know if ANY of that made sense. It’s been a long day. What this video really comes down to is an age old truth. A truth that, unsurprisingly, was brought to us by Dave Chappelle:

Everything is better in slow motion.

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