The Behind The Scenes Of Lil Dicky’s “$ave Dat Money” Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

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Here’s the actual music video:

That was absolutely epic. I mean can you have a better life then Lil Dicky right now? Is that even possible? Dude is getting paid to make comedic raps and live the hip hop lifestyle. He has respect and credibility in the rap game, which for a white jewish dude from Philly is absolutely preposterous. And he’s out here smacking asses on boats and riding lambos and going on set in T-Pain videos and all for the price of on the house.

That was far and away the most creative music video I’ve seen in years. I mean who else could think about that AND pull it off? Absolutely hilarious to see the behind the scenes video of it. From smoking J’s with Sarah Silverman to out-negotiating some douchebag club manager to playing 2K with Rich Homie Quan. Just incredible stuff. Lil D out here making waves in the rap game unlike any white jewish dude ever has*.

*except of course every head of a record label ever.

P.S.   Still think this is one of the most creative song ideas ever. Doesn’t hurt to have Snoop on it with him either.

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