HLN Had Twitter User “@Fart” On To Discuss Edward Snowden. Guess What, @Fart Trolled Them

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Look I’m not going to blame the host there. Even I didn’t know what this guy was talking about until he actually said Edward Scissorhands. I mean he was perfectly vague that whole time. Even when he said “Scissors for hands” I didn’t catch on. Maybe that’s some sort of metaphor for Edward Snowden ripping apart the fabric of American cyber-security. Or maybe I’m just dumb. It’s probably the latter. Either way, great troll by this guy.

But the network, HLN. Holy shit guys. Did nobody on that entire network think twice when he said his twitter name was @Fart? Wait what am I saying here… did anyone even think once about that? Did not a single person see @Fart and say, “Hey guys, his Twitter name is @Fart. Maybe we should take note of that.” Just mindblowing how that can slip by everyone. Not doing yourself in the race for viewers there HLN.

P.S.   I was just kidding about not blaming about the host. It’s still totally on you lady. When he starts talking about carving shrubs into dinosaurs maybe hold onto that Russia question for a minute. That wasn’t something you just gloss over.

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