Kid Sniffs Out A Trick Play In Pop Warner Football And Hit Sticks The Quarterback Into Yesterday

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I love it. There’s nothing worse than these types of trick plays. They are the WORST. And no, it’s not about “playing the game the right way” or “having integrity” or anything like that. I don’t care about that shit. I love trick plays that are, you know, actual plays. Give me the flea flicker. Give me the reverse WR pass. Give me the fake spike. Give me an eligible lineman streaking down the middle of the field uncovered. All of that shit is great. Line up and snap the ball and play. If you can’t handle the action, that’s on you. Once the ball has been truly snapped, it’s on the defense to handle whatever’s thrown at them.

But don’t give me this confusion shit. Don’t give me a fake snap. Don’t “run a play” when the other team is still under the belief that a play cannot be run. That’s bullshit. That’s a cheap shot on someone with their back turned. That’s some pussy ass sneak-attack shit that only gets drawn up by a dad who’s too pathetic and incompetent to draw up a creative play. That’s a sad, small man who probably snitched on his friends to get out of trouble in high school and roofied girls in college. It’s one thing to bend the rules or find loopholes, it’s a whole other thing to disregard them because you’re too pathetic to win without doing so. Line up and run an actual play. Don’t play mind games with a bunch of seven year olds because you feel insignificant at your job.

This coach is the worst, and I absolutely love watching this play blow up in his face. Watching his “brilliant” trick get squashed out by a young Lawrence Taylor. And while it sucks that some seven year old QB had to take that hit rather than this scumbag coach, it was still nice to know this coach felt like the small man that he was.

You do not bring that shit up on this kid’s field. Because if you do he’s gonna put you in the fucking dirt.

As for young LT here, his mailbox might be a little more full this week. Recruitment letters flying in left and right. You can’t teach that type of awareness and anticipation, you just can’t. Zero hesitation. See the man hit the man. He has five-star recruit written all over him. As soon as he gets on the Urban Meyer/Nick Saban training regiment and payment plan, watch out. This kid is something special.

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