Good News Ladies, That Sexy Donald Trump Costume You’ve Been Dying To Wear For Halloween Is Finally Here

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Just in time for Halloween. Make sure you get those orders in early ladies, wouldn’t want to miss out on this totally unique, hilarious, original costume that definitely won’t be worn by every guy and girl who care a little to much about greek life. You’re totally going to stand out. Maybe you can wear this with your boyfriend’s equally unique Caitlyn Jenner costume. You know, because he’s a guy but he’s dressing like a girl. Get it? That would be such a hit. So get those orders in today. Just hope that bitch Susan doesn’t steal this costume from you.

P.S.   One of my favorite runnings gags on the site is the names I give to some of these images I use. It all started with ghanafuneralislit.jpg, an absolutely ridiculous thing to name a photo unless you read the blog about a funeral in Ghana that was fucking LIT. Some of the others I’ve written about include kidbustsnut.jpg,  michelleobamayeahjeets.jpg,  and bushlovesblackpeople.jpg.  Well I’d like to extend a warm welcome to our new Power Forward, sexyladytrump.jpg. Welcome to the squad.

via BoingBoing

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