DJ Khaled’s Message To The Kids: “Don’t Ever Play Yourself”

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I have no idea what DJ Khaled is talking about. I watched the entire video (below) from Complex and I still have no idea what “play yourself” means. I mean I think I know what it means. It’s just that every time DJ Khaled says something it loses all meaning to me. It just doesn’t compute in my brain, strictly because it’s coming from DJ Khaled. I think it’s partly because he doesn’t pronounce anything correctly, and partly because even when he does, it doesn’t make sense. Remember when he tried to pronounce the word jewelry?

I mean that was just a preposterous attempt at that word. He wasn’t even close. And on top of that, I have no idea what he was saying. He owes nobody no money, look at all this jurrly, but it’s not even about the jurrly… What? What are you talking about Khaled? Just sounds like you’re playing yourself. Or maybe you’re not, I don’t know. I don’t know what a pair of sneakers has to do with you playing yourself. I feel like if you have every pair of sneakers ever, you’re always playing yourself. Either way, thanks for a highly entertaining twelve minutes in your shoe closet Khaled. ANOTHER CLASSIC. I’ll never play myself ever again. Or maybe I will. Who knows.

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