The New York Knicks Tiny Table Is Back And Looking As Ridiculous As Ever

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From Early July, when we actually made a few very smart free agent signings and ruined it by making them sign on a 10 inch tall table:


From August 6th, when we signed Kevin Seraphin in front of some weird cloud mural but on a normal sized table, and I thought the entire franchise was about to completely turn it around:


From August 7th, when my dreams of a franchise turnaround were crushed in less than 24 hours with the signing of Sasha Vujacic compounded with the return of the Tiny Table:

And finally today…

…where I was sadly reminded that this incompetent franchise is still committed to making their seven foot giants–in whom they have invested millions upon millions of dollars–look absolutely ridiculous as they bend over at the hip to sign a piece of paper on a ten inch tall table. It’s mind boggling to me. And yeah, I know that it’s a small thing that I am blowing completely out of proportion. And I know the chances of these guys actually getting hurt by bending over to sign a piece of paper when they’re used to bending over for everything are super slim. It just drives me crazy that the complete incompetence and oversight in this organization has created a culture at MSG where not even one employee can say “Hey, this looks absolutely ridiculous. Everyone on social media is making fun of how absurd it looks to have a seven foot giant reach down to sign on a ten inch table. Maybe we should get a bigger one.” Not one. It’s so small but it drives me nuts. So nuts that at this point all I can do is laugh. When this tweet popped up on my timeline I laughed out loud. It’s just so perfectly Knicks. Absolutely oblivious to everyone laughing at how stupid the tiny table looks. Goddammit this fucking franchise is a joke.

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