Hey Twitter, Frankie Muniz Will NEVER Follow Barack Obama, So Stop Suggesting it

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I’m such a sucker for suggested follows. I just give up so easily. As soon as someone is there for a few days I just say fuck it and follow them just to stop seeing their avatar in the suggestion box. I know that’s not a rational response, seeing as I now have to 1. see their tweets and 2. see someone else in that suggestion box until I eventually follow that person. Yet I just keep racking up the follows because I get suckered into following these suggestions every three days. The cycle just repeats. Zero fortitude out of your boy Ham.

Can’t say the same about Frankie.

Ohhhhh no, no, no. Frankie Muniz does not play that shit, Twitter. No matter how long you keep Barack in that box, Frankie will NEVER click the follow button. That’s the kind of middle-child syndrome stubbornness that’s built up over ten years as Malcolm in the Middle. You can never make him do what he doesn’t want to do. Ever. Even if that something is as simple as clicking a button to make a simple problem go away. So go ahead Twitter, keep Obama there as long as you want. Frankie Muniz ain’t backing down.

P.P.S.   Big Fat Liar = all time classic


P.S.   I guess I haven’t looked at a picture of Frankie Muniz in like 8 years, because the first thing I thought when I saw him was “wait he kind of looks like Jesse Pinkman, how funny is that?” Like yeah he’s not a dead ringer for Jesse, but it at least made me notice it. Yet I don’t think I heard that mentioned once in the entire Breaking Bad run despite all of the “Walter runs away and starts a new life and that’s Malcolm in the Middle” jokes.


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