How About The Announcer Having a Full-Blown Orgasm To Lionel Messi’s Goal Last Night

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You might think I’m joking here. That I’m just exaggerating for sake of a blog. That it’s probably just a typical reaction of an enthusiastic hispanic soccer announcer screaming for a minute straight.

But the thing is… I’m not.

That was real. I am 100% positive that the announcer came. He had a full-blown, toe curling orgasm when Lionel Messi scored that goal. He didn’t scream. He didn’t carry out a long call. He didn’t go over the top. He just gave it a deep, passionate ‘ARGHHHHH’, laid back in his chair, and proceeded to smoke cigarettes for the next 30 minutes before he could gather the strength to get up. What I’m trying to say is that we all just heard a man get off on live television, then listened to his pillow talk until the game was over.

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