People Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Trolling Miley Cyrus’s Instagram with Nicki’s “Miley What’s Good” Quote

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I never really mentioned Miley on here so I guess this is a good time. She was, without a doubt, the worst host of any awards show that has ever been hosted. Every single joke and pre-recorded video she did was a MASSIVE flop. I mean she was was literally like 0 for 40 on jokes. Nothing she said was funny or creative. Nothing. It would be one thing if she just sucked. But she sucked AND has the most annoying voice in the entire world. She makes Roseanne Barr sound sultry. As for the beef with Nicki, who knows if it was fake or not. I lean towards fake because, well, everything is fake at the VMA’s. But the video of her reaction at least swayed me enough to believe it could be real. Honestly I don’t really care. I just have one major thought on Miley that I need to rant on:

The outfits.

Look I get that Hollywood people are going to push the limits with their clothes now. They do it because they’re mental midgets lucky enough to be good singers/actors who feel a need to flamboyantly express themselves in a pathetic plea for attention. They all live in a cocoon of self-importance with “friends” who will never risk a spot on the money train by calling them out for wearing something outrageous. And Hollywood is so “liberal” and “progressive” and filled with try-hard fuckboys who will do anything to be loved, that nobody would dare criticize something that clearly looks stupid for fear of being ostracized.

I totally get that, and I think most of these celebrities are self-aware enough to know that what they’re doing is very stupid and very, very, veeeeeeery fake. They’re just willing to do it for the fame. Whatever. I get it.

But I don’t think Miley gets that. I don’t think she’s self-aware. I think Miley really thought all of those outfits were cool and revolutionary. I think that deep down, she believes she is the MLK of female fashion. I think that she believes she’s making a true, important difference by covering herself in M&M’s and revealing straps and whatever other shit she wore. She truly thinks that she is a revolutionary figure.

It applies to the whole weed thing too. Like she 100% thought that weed song at the end was cool and rebellious. She had no idea that the entire internet, and entire world, was laughing at how hard she was trying. She had no idea that she was every kid who goes out of his or her way to tell you he or she is a stoner. She thought that song was going to make a change in the world. She really, truly just doesn’t get it.

I think it’s finally time guys, let’s just get this over with…

via Complex

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