Brent Venables Wants Players Who “Rip People’s Faces Off”… Clemson National Title Odds Now Off The Board

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Tigernet  —  Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables spoke with the media on Tuesday afternoon and had the following to say about the type of defender he looks for.

“I’m not a big swagger guy,” Venables said. “I like people who like to rip people’s faces off. So, if you want to call that swagger. I’ve seen too many guys swagger without the play behind it. So beating their chest and making some ordinary basic fundamental play that I could get a circus monkey to do.”

I fucking love Brent Venables. You want to talk about a nutjob? This dude is a full blown lunatic. And that’s exactly what I want out of college defensive coordinator. Even if we didn’t have talent I’d trust him to get the most out of his guys. NFL coaches have come to our pro days and praised our defensive prospects since he got here. Now he has a whole new crop of four and five star recruits to groom. Yeah we lost Beasley and Anthony and a few more important starters, and that will hurt, but Venables is good enough to overcome that. Just throw a couple guys who want to rip people’s faces off out there. Brent will take care of the rest.


Full Clemson preview coming Friday morning. In the meantime, here’s a little sneak preview: (pssst… I’m really excited about Deshaun Watson)

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