RGIII Benched For Week 1 and Could Potentially Get Released… Still The Best QB in the NFL

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Bobby. Yikes. How the hell did we come to this? It’s almost like the consistent horrible play… and not having the slightest bit of respect of your teammates… and throwing people under the bus multiple times… and never understanding how to lead an NFL lockerroom… and not understanding how to slide or go down to avoid injuries… and being terrible at handling the media… and tweeting like a 12 year old girl… and not knowing even the basis of an NFL playbook… and refusing to learn said playbook… and having such a wildly false sense of confidence that even a standard NFL statement like saying “I’m the best” will make you the laughing stock of the NFL… and being so bad at not attracting attention that your team has to suspend you from Social Media… and overall just being a huge fuckboy… is all catching up to him. Who could’ve seen that coming? I guess when you’re bad at every single facet of the quarterback position, this is what happens. And as everyone quickly starts to realize that Kirk Cousins is no different from every stereotypical underwhelming backup Quarterback, and basically just sucks, this will only get funnier. Have fun on the 2016 Jets, Bobby! Looking forward to it.

P.S.   I just wrote that whole thing without once mentioning that he’s the most injury-prone Quarterback in the NFL because–outside of learning to slide and go down–that isn’t really in his control. He’s so bad that I didn’t even need to mention the fact that he’s always hurt. That pretty much says everything you need to know about RGIII.

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