“Hey Kanye, What Now?” – George W. Bush

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Eat your heart out Yeezus. This right here is how you care.

P.S.   Never not funny. “Wait what the fuck? What the hell is Kanye doing?”


myers2 myers3 myers4

P.P.S.   I know Myers’s face steals the show, but don’t sleep on how hilarious that jump to Chris Tucker was either. “Wait what? I have to follow that? What the fu— In the past few days…”


P.P.P.S.   About a month ago, when MLB.com posted a video titled Young Fan Struggles To Bust Nut, I wrote that naming the pictures I download is the funniest part of this job. Sure it’s childish, but saving a file as kidbustsnut.jpg is just really funny to me. And also sobering when I realize that this is the career I’ve chose. Well we have a new addition to the list that includes kidbustsnut.jpg, michelleobamayeahjeets.jpg, and ghanafuneralislit.jpg.

Welcome to the squad, bushlovesblackpeople.jpg, glad to have you on board.

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