LaLa Cheated on Carmelo Anthony with Rapper Maino – The Same Maino Who Made a Song Called “Yeah Carmelo”

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Bossip — Has Lala Anthony been caught creeping out on Carmelo with rapper Maino?? Maino’s baby mama certainly seems to think so. A woman claiming to be Maino’s girlfriend left an angry outburst underneath a (now deleted) photo from Lala’s Instagram, accusing the actress of breaking up her happy home for good after staying the night at the rapper’s home after a low key movie date the other night…

hat tip to @kTracy528

Welp, I guess Maino likes Honey Nut Cheerios!

What’s the only thing more degrading than having your wife cheat on you with a D-List Rapper? Having your wife cheat on you with a D-List Rapper who made an entire song about you. That has to be the most degrading feeling in the entire world.

I mean things are already pretty bad for Melo. He’s fat. He’s afraid to take his shirt off in public. He sucks at being a teammate. He sucks even more at winning. Nobody respects him as a “businessman.” Everyone made fun of his ridiculous “Me7o” nickname. His only three friends are a lot better than him at basketball. He’s constantly getting roasted by the most fire blog in the game right now. Everyone in New York hates him and trolls him on Instagram. The Knicks drafted the Latvian Larry Bird to replace his bum ass as the Franchise Player in New York. Kristaps’s rap song is a billion times more fire than his. And oh yeah his wife just fucked the rapper who made that garbage Carmelo rap song in the first place.

So yeah, Carmelo is in a dark, dark place right now. I would say I feel bad for him but then I remember he stayed in New York to take the money and continue killing this franchise and I stop feeling bad right away.


*Kristaps emerges from behind a curtain*

“Hey Melo… I had sex with LaLa too man”

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