This Deshaun Watson Clemson Hype Video is Here to Remind You That College Football is Only Two Weeks Away

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Shouts to Tanner for the video, throw him a follow at @talouga7 on Instagram and Twitter

Two weeks. Two weeks from tomorrow and we’re back. I’m fiending for football like a god damn junkie right now. I don’t care about anything else in my life. Not my family, not my friends, not my responsibilities, not my health. Nothing. I just need football and I need it now. But since we have to wait two more weeks, I’ll just have to survive off of hype videos like this.

And this video is awesome. I didn’t think I could possibly be more excited for Deshaun Watson to get back on the field, but somehow this video took it to a new level.

Look, I loved Tajh Boyd. His semi-serious Heisman run was great and all. But we all knew he wasn’t really one of the best players in the country. We all knew that Nuk and Sammy and Martavis (all three are top-20 fantasy receivers this year, by the way… Wide Receiver U) were a huge part of Tajh’s success. We all knew he had limits, and went into every major game knowing that defenses like Florida State and South Carolina would eat him alive.

But Deshaun? Deshaun is special. He just fucking has it. When this kid steps on the field you know he’s the best player out there. Doesn’t matter who’s on the other side. He’s a guy who you know will be playing on Sundays. There isn’t a thing he can’t do. And watching this video just got me sooooooo hyped about all the things that he’s about to do this season. Heisman Winner at +1200, write that down.

Like I said above, thanks to Tanner for the video. He’ll be doing some other video work for the site as we head into football season. Throw him a follow at @talouga7 on Instagram and Twitter.

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