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Marco Rubio Leaves His Receiver Hanging Over the Middle… Can’t Be Trusted As President

Trump tucks it and runs instead. Ben Carson gets called “more of an athletic quarterback” after the kid drops it. Bernie Sanders steps aside and lets somebody else take the pressure of throwing it. Jeb Bush takes a sack. Rand Paul throws it to a different kid to piss everyone off. Chris Christie trips over his own feet. And Hilary stands there waiting for her social media team to tell her what a twenty year old would think is cool to do.

Yes, Eli Manning Should Be The Highest Paid Player In The NFL This Season

What are Eli’s MVP odds? +4000. Cool, I’d like to place my life savings on that right now.

Man Attempts to Rob a Store With a Machete… Store Owner Fights Him Off With a Sword… And it Wasn’t In Saudi Arabia

Yeah Pittsburgh is a weird, degenerate city where Steelers leg tats outnumber front teeth… but I never expected a sword-wielding store owner.

There’s A Lion King TV Show and It Looks AWESOME

I spent half of my childhood believing that one day I would just wake up as a Lion in Africa and live the rest of my life hanging out with Timon and Pumbaa, eating bugs and swinging from vines and singing that problem free philosophy.

How About George Zimmerman Selling Confederate Flag Paintings At a “Muslim Free” Gun Shop in Florida?

Wait a second, are we playing Racist Bingo?

I 100% Believe That Suge Knight Infected Easy E with an AIDS Needle To Kill Him

Come to Death Row Records, where the CEO won’t be dancing all up in the videos but he actually might inject you with an AIDS Needle to kill you

Little Mix Performed Black Magic on the Late Late Show and I’m Still Under Their Spell

Is this what it was like when the Spice Girls came along?

So a Lot of Things Happened At The Yankees Game Last Night

Emotional Moments, Balls to the Face, Accidental Walk Offs, and the Dawn of Birdman BRRRRRRR

Here’s Cam’Ron Playing an HR Rep Telling You Not to Snitch

Stop snitching

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