The Fat Jew Lost His Comedy Central Show Because He’s Not Funny (And Also Because He Plagiarizes Everyone)

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Splitsider (via @chrisspags) — The day of reckoning has finally arrived for joke plagiarist Josh Ostrovsky AKA “The Fat Jew.” If you’re not familiar with Ostrovsky, he’s an extremely popular Instagram and Twitter user known for stealing comedians’ work by posting screenshots of their jokes with credit cropped out (here are just a few examples), and he’s inexplicably been rewarded for his years of thievery through big-brand sponsorships, a book deal with Hachette, a Comedy Central script in development, a modeling contract, a line of rosé wine, and most recently getting signed to Creative Artists Agency… We reached out to Comedy Central to ask about the status of Ostrovsky’s pilot, and a rep confirmed with us that the network no longer has a project in development with him. That doesn’t fix the countless jokes Ostrovsky has and continues to poach for profit, but hopefully Comedy Central is the first of many big companies that decide not to work with him or pay him $2,500 for a sponsored Instagram post.


Not since the days of Pontius Pilate has someone deserved to lose their job as much as the Fat Jew. I hate this guy with every fiber of my being. He is a fuckboy in every sense of the word, and watching his career crash and burn is better than porn right now (or better than pizza, am I right Fat Jew? LOL).

It’s not just that he was blatantly stealing material with this blase yet entitled attitude, as if he was so special that lesser known comedians should be thankful he deemed them funny enough to “aggregate” their jokes without crediting them. It’s not just that his mind-numbingly try hard haircut and clothes make me pray for a Brooklyn delivery bike hit him every morning. It’s not just that his “you can’t get an STD if you never get tested” tagline makes me hope he has syphilis. It’s not just that every picture of him makes me throw up. It’s not just that he somehow tricked Comedy Central into even entertaining the idea of giving him a show. It’s not just that I want to kill myself when I remember he gets paid $2500 for promotional tweets. It’s not just that girls are actually buying his “White Girl Rose” in what I guess is an unironically ironic unironic purchase, or something. It’s not just that despite all of this, those unfunny kids from high school and 15 year old girls will still follow him and like every “MONDAYS AM I RIGHT?” or Nic Cage meme or “Pizza is bae” picture.

It’s that he’s truly, genuinely unfunny.

And look I’m not trying to pretend like I’m Louis CK. I hate people who think they are the “arbiter of funny”… especially when they’re just some normal idiot like me. But I have to be a hypocrite here. Because the Fat Jew’s jokes, whether stolen or self-produced, fucking SUCK. They suuuuuuuuck. They are every unfunny, played out, lazy joke that the kid on Facebook who shares Buzzfeed articles finds funny. His jokes fucking suck. Yet he still has a billion followers.

Until now.

Because hopefully with this news people will start to unfollow him. I want his public execution to be slow and painful. I want his life to completely fall apart, to the point that he has to cut off that ponytail and sell it for food money. I want all of the bad things in the world to happen to the Fat Jew, and the Fat Jew alone. And I really don’t care if that makes me a bad person. I guess I’m just grumpy like this on Mondays, AM I RIGHT FAT JEW???

P.S.   Bet you didn’t see a Pontius Pilate reference coming today.

P.P.S.   Josh Ostrovsky is such a fuckboy name.

P.P.P.S.   Updated “Fuckboy of the Year” rankings:

  1. The Fat Jew
  2. Jaden Smith
  3. Bubba Watson

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  1. That was really well written…if I had social media sites I’d follow you. You really got me when you ranked Jaden Smith as the #2 fuckboy of the year. I hope that turd’s career gets flushed next.


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