RGIII Thinks He’s The Best QB in The NFL. Sure Thing Bobby!

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Look, I get the argument that you want your guys to think this way. What makes these athletes so great is their self confidence. They all think they’re the best player on the field. Blah Blah Blah, I get it.

But this shit is laugh out loud funny. This isn’t Tony Romo or Matt Stafford or Matt Ryan or some second/third tier QB wanting more recognition. This isn’t “Is Joe Flacco an Elite Quarterback?” (shoutout to PFTCommenter). And this certainly isn’t “Is Eli Elite?” because we all know the answer to that.

This is RGIII.

The same RGIII whose teammates hate him for constantly throwing them under the bus. The same RGIII whose head coach tried to bench him and trade him. The same RGIII with jello knees who’s always one step away from the PUP list. The same RGIII who has been an absolute disaster for two straight seasons.

I get that you want to display confidence Bobby. I totally get it. Wish upon a star and chase your dreams! Or whatever inspirational quote you wrote in your journal this morning. But maybe just SHUT THE FUCK UP and do one good thing on the field before you start talking about being a viable starting QB again, let alone the best in the league.

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