Has DeAndre Hopkins Been Arrested For Murdering DeAngelo Hall on Hard Knocks Yet?

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GUILTY. Guilty on all charges your honor. Lock him up and throw away the key. I know he was provoked, your honor, but I just don’t feel safe living in a world where people can walk around murdering for revenge in such a calm, calculated manner without repercussions. Thoughts and Prayers to DeAngelo Hall’s family.

I fucking love everything about Hopkins man. Some absolutely incredible moments in that episode. “I fear God bruh.” “Jerry Rice don’t return punts.” “I don’t start shit I just finish it.” I know this is supposed to be Watt Knocks, but Hopkins is going to end up stealing the show. Also “Nuk” is one of the best nicknames out there.

As for the rest of the episode:

  • I never wanted to say it when he was on the Pats, but I love Vince Wilfork. Can’t teach this type of fatboy athleticism.
  • Brian Cushing can’t stop won’t stop doing steroids

  • Kevin Johnson’s dad has one of the most outrageously shaped head/neck area’s I’ve ever seen. Absolutely zero change from the shoulderblades up to the top of his head. Also his sister is 🔥🔥🔥


  • And of course JJ Watt.

Look there’s a lot of hot takes on JJ Watt now. When you’re that famous, people tend to pick a side and go all it. I also get that reaching that level of fame mixed with a need to be adored leads to a life of calculated PR decisions. He’s the Lebron of football. And I can’t blame him for that. I never jumped on the “Fuck Lebron” bandwagon, so I don’t want to just do that with Watt.

But holy shit was that training/autograph montage last night the corniest thing ever. I’m not saying Watt wouldn’t be out there putting the work in — you can pretty clearly see from how he ragdolls 300lb offensive lineman that he’s probably putting more work in than anyone out there. But that fucking scene was so scripted, so over the top, that I just can’t bring myself to not hate him. He’s just too cheesy. It’s all just waaayyyyyy too much.

P.S.   Singing to Fort Minor and always wearing a backwards fitted hat to work out didn’t help. I fucking hate people who work out in backwards fitteds.

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