Fox Was Going to Use a Shot-Clock Buzzer for the Debate Tonight And I Don’t Get Why They Wouldn’t

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NY TimesTo keep the debate on schedule, the Fox team was also discussing a possible alternative to the usual gentle ding sound that signals that a candidate’s time has expired: the actual shot-clock buzzer used during Cleveland Cavaliers basketball games, which are played at the same arena.

“You could make it about synergy in that arena: Use the very same buzzer that LeBron James hears on the court when the shot clock runs out,” said Mr. Baier, who had come up with the idea over dinner Tuesday night at a local bistro. (“I was inspired,” he said with a smile, “by a beer.”)

And why exactly did they not follow through on this? I know he said it as a joke but it’s honestly an awesome idea. Why wouldn’t they use it?

The biggest problem with these debates is that everyone talks right through that gentle ding. It’s like a friendly suggestion to stop that nobody actually listens to. You think Donald Trump is going to politely yield to a gentle ding? Come on.

But a buzzer? A buzzer is the real deal. Everyone respects the shot clock buzzer. You’re not getting any shenanigans once that thing goes off. And can you imagine the pressure of trying to get your whole point out before the buzzer sounds? These guys will crumble under that pressure. And that’s why all live matt–WHAAAAAA. I don’t believe in global warm–WHAAAAAA. Someone is doing the rapi–WHAAAAAAA. It would make for some unbelievable television.

We need to make this happen. The buzzer beater is one of the last things that everyone respects. And it might be the only thing that could get these guys to shut up tonight. We all know a gentle ding sure as fuck won’t.

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