Charissa Thompson Says She Would Murder Someone And If You Say Otherwise You’re a Liar

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Great answer from Charissa Thompson.

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If you say that you wouldn’t murder someone, you’re a boldfaced liar. Everyone wants to murder someone. It’s human nature. Even if you’re the nicest, most forgiving person in the world, you probably still want to murder the supermarket employee who sighs when you ask what isle something is in. Or the kid still wearing his suit and tie from work with a combover who freaks out when you bump into them at the bar. Or the skinny guido in an Acura who tailgates you for only doing 35 in a 25. Or the kid who never watched Jordan play but screams “RINGS” any time you talk about another player being good at basketball. Or the person who orders breakfast sandwiches at Dunkin when you’re in a hurry got get your coffee and go. Or the fuckboy child actor who thinks he has the world figured out at 17. I mean the list goes on and on.

Basically what I’m saying is that there are a lot of people we all want to kill, you know? Or maybe thats just me. Maybe I’m just a functioning psycho like that Bill Burr bit.

But hey, Charissa’s answer really got me going. Just when I thought she couldn’t get hotter, she goes and does this.

So let’s just watch her do a split and forget that I just said I’d kill a bunch of people. Sound good?

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