Bethe Correia Sucks At Fighting

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Hey Beche. You suck. For a shit talking lunatic willing to guarantee a win against the best fighter in the world, you put on a dog shit performance. That 34 seconds was embarrassingly one sided. Not for one second did anyone think you had a shot of winning. In fact, you spent the entire fight backing up like a huge pussy. And yeah, if I was in the ring with Ronda Rousey, I would run away like a huge pussy too. But I’m not a scumbag who told a girl who’s father committed suicide that she should kill herself after the fight. I don’t have a stupid name that looks like Beth but sounds like a Valley Girl saying bitch. I didn’t spend 34 seconds getting eviscerated in my own country by a foreigner who is more beloved by own people. And I’m not the idiot who guaranteed a win but ended up face down ass up.

That’s you, bitch Bethe.

You lost, you suck at your job, and you should probably kill yourself after that. No offense, but actually all the offense, you fucking loser.

And as for Ronda… Nothing more to say other than I love her. She really is the fucking best. So dominant it’s silly. I don’t completely know why, but I get more pumped for her to win than pretty much anyone other than my teams. It’s one of those weird things where I have no idea why I’m so happy, but I am. I think it’s the whole thing with her dad and how tragic that was. That, and the fact that she has that kind of athlete swagger where she’s completely dismissive of opponents without coming off as douchey. I love when someone can pull that off.


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