Meek Mill Responded To Drake With A Fire Diss Track Last Ni– Ahhh Nobody Gives a Shit

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Go home Meek, you’re drunk.

Nobody cares anymore. You lost. You lost badly. Even if this was the best diss track of all time it doesn’t count, the buzzer already sounded. Oh and also that song fucking sucked. That mumbling, unfunny, mashed up piece of shit will go down as the worst diss track of all time. Even that line you made up about T.I.’s friend pissing on Drake doesn’t make up for how bad the rest of the song is. Nobody cares anymore. Drake even posterized you on Instagram just to drive home how trash that was

You suck, and Nicki is gonna dump your ass as soon as HER world tour is done. So enjoy eating the booty for a few more weeks, and definitely don’t try to make another diss track. Because that fucking sucked.

P.S.   DJ Clue was playing old diss tracks this morning. Forgot about the Jada – Fifty disses from a few years back. AHHHAAAAAAAAAA


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