Je Suis This Dog

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via Reddit

Je Suis this dog. And this dog Je Suis me, or whatever it is.

I do this on such an embarrassingly regular basis. Call my bosses name (back before I wrote about Tom Cruise’s balls and being a Child Soldier when I had a real job) and she wouldn’t hear it. Offer to buy a girl a drink at the bar and she’ll walk right past me. Put my hand up at a restaurant for bartender or waiter and he doesn’t see it. Say a joke in a group of people and nobody hears it.

Swing and a miss.

We’ve all been there. You just gotta try to play it cool. Bury that shame and embarrassment deep down inside you and keep on moving. Life is too short to dwell on missing the ball like that. Might as well just stretch it out and keep on moving.

“Didn’t want that one anyway.”

This guy knows what I mean.



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