Has Anyone Ever been More Butthurt Than James Woods Suing Twitter User for $10 Million Over “Cocaine Addict” Accusation

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The Hollywood Reporter — Incivility on social media seems to be a regular occurrence, and celebrities usually shrug it off (or don’t even read the comments from people who are tweeting at them), but James Woods is making a $10 million case about it.

On Wednesday, the actor went to the Los Angeles Superior Court and sued the anonymous individual who is tweeting as “Abe List” for defamation over a derogatory tweet that suggested Woods was a “cocaine addict” — a message that Woods complains was sent to “thousands of AL’s followers and hundreds of thousands of Mr. Woods’ followers.”The defendant’s social media profile suggests that he or she is based in Los Angeles, a partner in private equity, possibly Harvard-educated and, luckily, married to an attorney. The “cocaine addict” tweet was actually a reply on July 15 to something the Once Upon a Time in America actor himself tweeted about media priorities.

@RealJamesWoods you are a ridiculous scum clown-boy James, a joke.

— Abe List (@abelisted) December 26, 2014

So why take a stand against this guy?

“The owner of the AL Twitter Account has thousands of followers and, since at least December 2014, has undertaken to engage his followers with a campaign of childish name-calling targeting against Woods,” continues the lawsuit (read in full here), with italics included. “In the past, AL has referred to Woods with such derogatory terms as ‘prick,’ ‘joke,’ ‘ridiculous,’ ‘scum’ and ‘clown-boy.’ “

Hey James, take it easy bro. We all know you do coke. If I had to start a old Hollywood cocaine team, you’re probably my shooting guard. Nobody in their right mind looks at you and your body of work and says “clean.”

Once Jack Nicholson dies I’m pretty sure they replace his face with yours as the “old actors who have survived despite rampant cocaine use” poster boy. Nobody is judging you man. You’re an old Hollywood guy. Doing an old Tony Montana face dive is expected of you. I think the only think that sullies your reputation in Hollywood is not being a rampant coke user. It’s like being a model who doesn’t blow Terry Richardson (Hey Terry!), or a rapper who doesn’t smoke weed (Hey Macklemore!), it’s just expected of you.

I mean if anything, wouldn’t you want this news to get out? Like hey guys look, James Woods sill parties. Isn’t it pretty inconsequential if some guy with only two thousand followers tweets that you– WAIT A SECOND

James you old dog you! That’s exactly why you’re doing this. You just want people to know you still party, but this guys tweet wasn’t enough. You can’t just come out and say you do tons of coke. And this guy’s two thousand followers aren’t enough to spread the word. So how do you let thousands of people know that you’re still going Montana without actually admitting that you do tons of coke? You blow up this tweet. You make it a story so that everyone thinks of James Woods and Cocaine together. Holy shit. What a savvy, savvy fucking move.

And here I was about to bash you for being a douchebag. Boy was I wrong. Good for you James, you god damn party animal. Have yourself a line or twelve for that one Woodsy.


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