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Guy Stops Terry Richardson On the Street to Call Him a Creep… You know, Because Terry Richardson is a Creep

Damn if I’ve ever seen someone pull off a bigger scam on the entire world than Terry’s “Photography Career.”

This “I Was Scared To Say Hi To Ronda Rousey, I Thought She’d Kick My Butt!” Trend is the Worst

These guys couldn’t be trying harder. It’s such a scripted PR thing that it makes the canned answers they give to reporters look genuine.

This Guy Summed Up How Absurdly White the Cecil the Lion Outrage Was #AllLionsMatter

Where is the outrage over Lion on Lion crime? Where are the Lion fathers?

The ATM Company Employee Who Left $141,000 on the Ground and Had it Stolen Just Pulled Off the Most Obvious Inside Job Ever

Are people kidding me with believing this guys story?

Man Justifiably Stabs Neighbor Because His TV Volume Was Too High

Nobody wants to hear the conversation going on in Bones if they’re not watching the show. Also because nobody ever wants to watch Bones.

Kristaps Porzingis Learned a Valuable Lesson From the Drake-Meek Mill Beef

Yeah I’m comparing our most important player to Drake in a positive way. I don’t know how I feel about it yet either.

Nobody On The Giants Knows How Many Fingers Jason Pierre Paul Actually Has

“Hey guys, hows it going? What the hand? Ahh sorry doctor said I have to keep it wrapped. Infections and stuff, you know what I mean. It’s totally fine though, I’ll show you tomorrow or next week or something… Hey did they just say practice is starting. No, no I really think I heard it. I’m gonna go check. Alright guys, see ya!”

This Girl Makes Up Some Great Points About Domestic Violence

Whatever almost kills you makes your relationships stronger


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